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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pawlenty veto override

The override of Governor Pawlenty yesterday is a shocking political development for this fiscal Conservative. Transportation is the easy sell when it comes to raising my tax dollars but the basic questions need to be are revenues high enough and is spending directed first to the priorities. The fact that we can easily tie buying a tank of gas to paving some roads and other transportation projects does not mean that our state budget should simplify it to that level, after all if we directed current spending toward our priorities our transportation budget would need little additions and clearly if the public said sure we don't mind a gas tax that money could go in other directions.

The six Republicans who voted to override Pawlenty clearly have somewhat fiscally Conservative principals and yet somehow made this silly logic based on bad budgeting cloud their judgement. We can all agree that transportation needs a few more dollars then it is currently getting, but where I and most fiscal Conservatives can't agree is that the states revenues come up short.

The six Republicans who failed there supporters and the Governor were rightly penalized by the party and should not be endorsed for reelection, some mistakes just can't be forgiven. If these six have the political support to win reelection without the Republican party so be it, but we don't have to support them. Fiscal conservatism is how the Republicans can remain strong in this state and fiscal conservatism is why the Libertarian party will soon be Minnesota's strongest third party.


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