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Friday, February 29, 2008

Caucus states

It is interesting how little the media knows about the workings of caucus states, When Mitt Romney won Minnesota's completely meaningless straw poll they assumed he would win the majority of delegates, part of the reason he probably didn't is because the media did not do a fair job of reporting how Minnesota delegates are elected and what they have to do based on straw poll results (completely ignore it). Despite a Romney victory and only 7 Ron Paul supporters at my caucus Ron Paul supporters won 5 of the delegate spots to Romney's 1 (keep in mind this was when Romney was still very much in the race and would have been the potential front runner if a couple extra states when his way that night). I imagine this scenario played out in many other places around he state and the country. Now with McCain as the only alternative we might even see some of these Romney voters support Paul as a form of protest. While there aren't enough caucus states to reverse McCain's eventual victory it may very well be that the media's laziness and inaccuracy allowed him to take on unbeatable status way to early. Of course it seems as if it was actually Romney who couldn't convert massive support into delegates despite the fact the media credited him with them.

Tuesday night is the house district convention it should be interesting to see how Paul delegates do.


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