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Friday, May 23, 2008

Jerk Jerk Grey Jerk

I got a sad E-Mail response from to an E-Mail I sent to the draft Dean Barkley website linked off the Independence Party website.

"Ventura is a jerk, keep him away from the party."

I'm sorry but I want public policy from the jerks among us not the nice guy. The Independence Party if its showed any consistency has shown it with honest politics. Unfortunately niceness and honesty means nobody will respect you.

Show me the candidate that can get 51% and I'm on board but I'll take the jerk and hope for 37%. Oh by the way when compared side by side with Franken and Coleman at least Jesse will be the jerk they can respect.

And oh by the way if jerks like this are currently working behind the scenes, the long term fate of the party is very clear as Ventura and even Barkley need the party less then the party needs them.

So much for linking my passion and excitement for Ventura or Barkley to the Independence Party, that party has left us.


Blogger Jefferson said...

Hi Mike,
I was a big Ventura supporter in '98, I had family involved in the campaign and was an excited young person swept up in the brash confrontationalism of the man himself. As it played out, I think he was mostly ineffective in his term and would not have won a second. I knew Dean Barkley. I recall him smoking cigars in his small law office, on the telephone, not getting much done. This may explain why he was the manager of a car wash when he went to Ventura.


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