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Saturday, May 17, 2008

The senerio

The initial reaction to Jeese Ventura's increased speculation has been interesting, listening to the radio yesterday I both Joe Souchery and Dan Barriaro (did I spell his name right? Who cares) went out of their way to make it clear they did not respect the Governor. Up until that point I felt the scenario was clear as day, but you know what back in 98 at this point the media showed him no respect for different reasons.

The three biggest things that still line up in Ventura's favor

1. 35% and he's in (in other words if most people you talk to don't like him that does not mean he can't win)

2. Al Franken didn't pay his taxes (If this even increases Ventura's vote total by as little as 1% that's huge)

3. Ventura knows how the game is played (none of this well reality suggest taxes might have to be raised or jeez driving with cell phones is bad press conferences)

I think day one of a Ventura campaign Franken is eliminated from contention, then it becomes Coleman versus Ventura battling for 70-75% of the vote. The weired thing is in this scenario the better Democrats do the the top of the ticket at better Ventura will do.

If and when he does win again very few people will be shocked, surprised? Sure, but only the Joe Soucerey's and Dan Barrairro's of the world will be shocked.


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