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Friday, July 11, 2008

Ventura seems to be in

I've always had a great sense of how Jesse Ventura thinks. The latet news about todays meeting (of which I have no inside information) clearly indicates he is in. There are no indications that the 24% poll #'s are his max it may remain stable and possibly fade late but the level of support can only go up, and upon announcement he should be right around 30.

People do despise Ventura, any great leader will have that, but that group is more vocal then powerful especially in a three way race. And if you look to the blogs for Ventura analysis you won't get anything worthwhile as all the major bloggers don't understand Ventura's 98 victory or how to read current polls in an intelligent mannor.

The biggest news from today is that Ventura may be willing to allow fundraising to go as high as the people take it, which means he may very well raise a few million allowing him to completly overshadow with his media advantage.


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