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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What the hell is wrong with my country?

Earlier this week it perfectly clear to me that Barack Obama is either a hateful person, or loyal to a pathetic fault either of which make him unqualified for the office he seeks, and undeserving of the office he holds. But hey he delivered one heck of a speech, while a speech of that kind can be part of leadership I have yet to see Barack act on any the things he says. People on the street have done more for many of the causes Barack speaks to in otheUS Senator Barack Obama. Leading requires action and all I know about Barack Obama is a great speaker, or in other words would make a great salesman even if he's not offering a quality product.
Why the heck is everyone ignoring his complete lack of a meaningful record? Why is every
problem solved because he gave a nice speech. In the aftermath of 9-11 George Bush delivered a great speech about what he was gonna do about it, and regardless of the debate on the effort to get those responsible, we can all agree the speech itself accomplished nothing. Barack Obama is by far the least qualified candidate who has made it this far in my lifetime. Talk is cheap but apparently the standard for most Americans votes is so low nobody cares.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Barack Obama hates America!!!

In light of the news of the conduct that takes place at the church Barack Obama has chosen to commit his life to it is very clear that he can not and will not commit himself to doing what is best for the country he wishes to lead. I assume that this will cost him the election, but really we should be asking when he will offer up his resignation from the US Senate.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Political news is everywhere

Just saw on the news Barb Davis White held her announcement press conference for her congressional run against Keith Ellison in the 5th. As I said last week I had a chance to hear her speak to my local Republican convention back when I thought I might be able to be a Republican. She is a shamefully embarrassing candidate for anyone that believes in gay rights. Republicans will flock to her and she may very well do better then any Republican in many years, but she will also drive many that oppose Keith Ellison in many ways to select the lesser of two evils and vote for Keith Ellison, and thus Keith Ellison's hold on the seat will only become stronger. Of course if the 5th had instant run off voting she could be helpful in removing Ellison from office as she would bring out anti Ellison voters to the polls and it would simply be a matter of a Tammy Lee like candidate finishing 2nd with upwards of 25% of the vote. The freedom IRV gives voters to support a third party candidate would callow that to come a little easier then it seems.

We also have word today that Mike Cirisi is out of the race for Norm Cole mans senate run meaning Al Franken will be allowed to embarrass the Democrat party with no original ideas and no political skill. I'm glad I don't have major disagreements with Norm Colemans politics because he's going to be around for a while.

On the presidential side I ignored Michael Bloombergs announcement that he will not run as I was trying to be a Republican, he made the right choice not because the Democrats and Republicans have delivered overly acceptable candidates but because his run was hopeless. He just didn't have that indescribable "it" that Jesse Ventura and to a lesser extent Ross Perot had, and money was not going to change that. Of course Ron Paul formally withdrew from the race as he could not turn his support into delegates. It's a shame he had to be so vocal about his war stance as his message on other matters sells well.

Then we have the fun and games with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are playing. Hillary's political skill is fun to watch, while Barack seems to be in a little to deep, but may have been able to ride the wave long enough to win the nomination where he stands no chance against John McCain (mark my words he will not get 40% of the vote). There is also the interesting question of how the party handles Michigan and Florida, we need to remember here that the parties are not a part of the democratic process, and claims of disenfranchisement have no grounds (just look at the delegate counts certain states have and you will see the parties get to set the rules as they see fit). If people don't like how the parties operate they're only legal ground is to vote outside of that party come November.

Finally we have the matter of the six republicans who voted for the transportation tax. As I posted at the time I do not support the vote, and fully approve of how the Republicans have reacted in stripping them of committee chairs and this weekend not endorsing others, however I can respect them for voting as they saw fit. It seems as if the leaders in the Independence with there current fiscally moderate to fiscally liberal (which needs to change if the party ever wants to win without the luxury of being able to run an incumbent) approach are ready to support them if they do decide to continue on without the Republican endorsement.

I'm a not nearly as proud as I would like Independence today, and hope in the upcoming years the party can become what it once was which is anything but fiscally liberal. I also am actively looking for any candidate or party that will proudly promote both gay marriage and fiscal conservatism. I'll be more involved in the Independence Party in the coming months and hopefully will be able to provide some meaningful news. I am aware of a few candidates that sound adaquat, although clearly nothing of the Tammy Lee or Tim Penny level at this point.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My last night as a Republican

Great news Minnesota Republicans have decided they need to do better then Alan Fine if they want to defeat Keith Ellison who still doesn't deserve to represent me in congress. Unfortunately 5th district Republicans think they can fool the voters into voting in an extreme social conservative in Barb White. Running Barb White might actually be a good move for party building, but they fail me when they lie and say they're trying to defeat Keith Ellison. I'm convinced a fiscal Conservative who supports gay rights could give Ellison a run for their money unfortunately if that candidate wants to run the Republican party has blocked the path. I was ashamed to be a Republican delegate tonight. I might be able to deal with the gay bashing a bible thumping if they at least got it right on taxes and fiscal matters, but when Ron Carey talks about $11 million spent at the zoo despite that he supports a billion stadium dollars of support from Pawlenty I know that the Republican party is not ready for me, because fiscal conservatism can't be half assed, and that starts with knowing the role of government.

Having not been elected delegate to the state or congressional level tonight to continue to support and any other true fiscal conservitives. I can proudly say I did everything I could this cycle to bring the Republican party where it needs to be. I might very well vote for John McCain especially if the Democrats endorse Obama, but at this point I think there about as far away from representing me as the Democrats.