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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sad day for America

Later today Norm Coleman,John Mcain and Barack Obama will vote together to spend $700 billion on worthless paper that nobody wants. To put that in perspective you could build 2,000 Twins stadiums with that money, you could build 14 million $50,000 water fountains, you could buy a million dollar house for every person in Minneapolis and St Paul You could buy a $250,000 house for every family in the five state region.
You could completly fund the Iraq war to date.

It's been reported Norm Coleman has recived 11,000 phone calls against this and 100 for it. It's pure political suicide, no rational explenation has been made as to why it is neccisary. Who's running our country, it sure as hell isn't a real American. The 2nd ammendment was created specifically for today. It is time to take our country back.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dean Barkley officially says no!!!

While Al Franken and Norm Coleman both appear prepared to support any bailout anytime anywhere, Dean Barkley has taken the stand that the vast majority of Minnesotan's share.

Read the Press release

Thank you Dean Barkley!!! Fiscal Conservitism will continue to rule the day.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just in case you saw the latest poll

A poll came out suggesting Dean Barkley may not be as big of a factor as we thought a week ago.

You be the judge

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pat Doyle • 612-222-1210

Seems Star Tribune writer Pat Doyal is not aware of Dean Barkley's presence and strong polling #'s in the US Senate race. In a rare article on the a real issue, Doyle fails (and there is no other word but fails) to as much as mention the name Dean Barkley while giving Al Franken and Norm Coleman paragraphs of coverage. Pat Doyle is not an intern, he knows Dean Barkley must be included in such an article, and made a personal choice to ignore him.

Call Doyle and let him know exactly what you think, and call the Star Tribune and demand Pat Doyle be fired immediately.

An apology is no longer good enough.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Federal Deficit

David Dillon has the ever increasing federal deficit displayed front and center on his web page, sit there for a minute or two and watch it increase by a million dollars. When your literally throwing away a million dollars every few minutes it becomes really easy to approve 20 million here and 16 million there for projects you know nothing about, but of course that only makes things worse.

But hey who cares we can just print more money right? Sure and with each dollar we print is a US government approved increase to the price of gas, food, steel. It's an incentive for our best workers to leave the country, it's an incentive for our best thinkers to produce their ideas outside of the country.

Law makers are entirely responsible for the situation, but even more so is the media and American people for not doing anything about it. So the question is now that we are fully aware that the ride is nearly over are we as voters going to start acting responsible. Or are we going to let a great nation fade.

I've got news for you it's going to take more then just a bold vote to create the kind of change that we can't do without, but since we do have an election in the not so distant future a message saying we as American's don't care will be very easy to send, and the whole world will hear that message loud and clear.

No more Bailouts

It amazes me that Barack Obama, and John McCain are trying to out bash each other on what might be the most important issue in a generation. Both of course are completely wrong on it as the short term stock market effect is to important to them.

I understand that candidates usually don't participate in Washington this close to an election but anyone who does not participate on this is not qualified to lead. John McCain was right on this issue Monday morning, and let that whinny Barack Obama's political play reverse him in his tracks. John McCain is exactly the wrong man for the job at this time. Obama is simply wrong.

No more bailouts, no more regulations. If you think Democrats or Republicans are willing to lead you haven't been paying attention. I wish I could vote Ron Paul for president as he is exactly what we need, but the only voice of reason on these issues in the US Senate race is Dean Barkley.

I don't care if you vote Bob Barr or Chuck Baldwin for president but a vote for Obama or McCain is a defaulted vote, and the government won't bail you out and give you your vote back.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Momentum building

While the bigtime partisan blogs refuse to as much as mention Dean Barkley even when going over the most recent polls, we are seeing in the last few days about 50 seperate Google hits a day most of them going in depth on Barkley's role in this campaign. This can only build more suport and more momentum. I encourage you all to add comments on blogs and make sure those willing to mention Barkley's name know there is a strong level of excitement behind his campaign, and it's not all just people who are mad that they have mean ads.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Campaign office kickoff

Just got an E-mail regarding an event this Saturday Noon to 4 at the campaign office in Plymouth (11255 Highway 55, Suite 50). Based on this blogs traffic and several other factors it appears a strong base of volunteers should start rolling in statewide. For more info call the campaign office at 763-417-9972.

Also next Wendsday night a volunteer event is taking place at the state party office (2486 University Ave W Saint Paul, MN 55114 (651) 487-9700) for State House candidate (59A, Northeast Minneapolis) David DeGrio as well as Senator Barkley.


Monday, September 15, 2008


Star Tribune has Barkley at 13% with 9% undecided. Basically identical to the Survey USA poll with the difference being Franken is down a few points and undecideds are up.

Still ahead of where Jesse Ventura was at this point. Also Barkley is still only at 24% among independents so there is a lot of oppurtunity to gain.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Suprising amount of support?

We'll know the # by morning, but I'm curiuse to see what the Star Tribune finds to be a suprising amount of support for Dean Barkley

Survey USA usually gives the Independence Party it's highest # so I doubt we're talking 18-20%, but given that line and the existance of the survey USA #'s I think it's fair to say it's somewhere between 12-17%, Heres hoping it's upwards of 14. As more people see Barkley as a factor his support will continue to grow.

Today should be a great day for Dean

I suspect Norm Coleman will play his Franken Rage ad at least 3 times during the Viking game. The ad hurts Franken badly, but more importantly does hurt Coleman some.

I like to think of these races as a tenth of a percent at a time, but today could be a 2 or 3% day for Barkley 39-37-17 wouldn't look to bad at this point.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Barkley polling at 14%

Survey USA finds Dean Barkley at 14% with 5% remaning undecided. This is sure to energize the Barkley campaign and leave both Franken and Coleman a little more concearned then they expected to be.

If Barkley performs well in the first debate he hits 20%, no doubt Coleman and Franken will agree to four or less debates now.

All he has to do is knock his opponents down about one tenth of a percent a day and he wins, and they'll do that to themselves. Dean Barkley wins by capitalizing on one or two nitch issues.

Friday, September 12, 2008


I'm fairly convinced Al Franken has no chance of winning this seat no matter what Norm Coleman does, so the question should be asked if Al Franken's name was not on the ballot who would win this election. Dean Barkley of course.

A vote for Al Franken is a vote for Norm Coleman. A vote for Al Franken is a wasted vote.

I might be the person I hated in the past but so what, this is Al Franken and he deserves it

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

David Dillon

I've done somewhat of a disservice to David Dillon by not mentioning him often here. He is clearly the best congressional candidate the Independence Party has (cross endorsement be damned if it only goes one way). And despite the fact I don't see him firing people up the way Dean Barkley can his poll #'s currently are better then Barkley's. He is the typical IP federal candidate strongly against spending, for paying down the debt, for states rights, and socially inclusive.

Not living in the distict I don't have a good feel if a possibility exists for him to break out and become competitve, but much like Tammy Lee he puts a great face on the Independence Party.

55 days

Really everyone is still assuming Dean Barkley will finish somewhere around 6-12%, and in the pundits minds he will be so vastly outspent that any fundraising effort will mean little. The reality is he will have to show the voters something to get out of that 6-12% range, but if he does he can almost jump to 20% overnight. Keep in mind Jesse Ventura polled at 26% in this race with a decent chunk of undecideds that could have only added to that #.

$200,000 for Barkley is as meaningful as about 2 or 3 million for his opponents. To put it in other words if the average person that voted for him in the primary gave him $50 he would be financially competitive.

Then we have the debates, the biggest problem I've seen with post Jesse Independence Party candidates is that they more or less agree with the Democrats on issues A,B, and C while agreeing with the Republican on issues D,E and F or in other words while you couldn't get the same package you could vote for similar stances by voting Democrat or Republican. Barkley gets the fact that he can't win that way, and will separate himself from his opponents on as many issues as possible. He will make a point of going after both his opponents at the same time. He will find niche issues such as helmet laws and the smoking ban where he will flat out say to hell with anyone that disagrees. This will help builda meaningful passionate base.

You let a guy like this in the debates and you're throwing everything you know about politics away. I am completely shocked Norm Coleman is stepping into this trap once again

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Game on!!!

Dean Barkley won the Independence Party primary with well over 50% of the vote. I preferred Jack Uldrich, but the Independence Party is in good hands with one of it's best campaigners in Dean Barkley. The tell it like it is attitude bites Franken and Coleman hard as he did in tonight's speech at the Independence Party primary night party.

Smokers have their best allie yet in Dean Barkley who might just puff a few cigars inside bars over the course of the campaign. The tax payer has it's best allieyet in Barkley. Call him a nut if you want to, tell him he can't win bottom line you'll be talking about Dean Barkley and so will the media.

He's not Tim Penny, he's not Peter Hutchinson and get this he will not make things easy for Norm Coleman. Gone are the days of the wieny liberalish Independence Party candidates. 8% now he's in the debates, Al Franken want any of this? How about you Norm Coleman. Only one US Senate candidate was endorsed at the Ron Paul rally, his name Dean Barkley.


Vote or die?

This is the most important election of our lifetime? Well thats not true, but votings fun, and getting a little red sticker from old ladies is even better then free cookies. Jack Uldrich, Dean Barkley, or Stephen Williams I don't care nearly as much as I do about a turnout that gives the winner over 10,000 votes.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Primary prediction

First of all no matter who you support the best way to defeat Norm Coleman and Al Franken is by voting Tuesday in the Independence party primary and showing everybody were here and were ready for the fight of our life starting Wedsday.

Primary turnout at this point is unpredictable it is the only partisan race other then one or two at the state house level that seems to be competitive. It's a race with at least one well known candidate, long time Independence Party supporters will also know Jack Uldrich very well, and current party activist will know endorsed candidate while others will simply honor his endorsement with their vote Steven Williams. At least two others are running active campaigns and hey Bill Dahn can at least count on that freak Leslie Davis' vote.

Just for fun I'm going to predict the vote total for all 7 candidates

First of all I think turnout will be high we'll go with 38,823

Dean Barkley 19,975 (51.44)
Jack Uldrich 13,501 (34.77)
Stephen Williams 3,981 (10.24)
Bill Dahn 542 (1.38)
Kurt Anderson 498 (1.23)
Daryl Stranton 327 (0.83)
Doug Williams 99 (0.24)

Friday, September 05, 2008

Jack Uldrich endorsement

The most politically wise long term Independence Party members have all endorsed Jack Uldrich. While Dean Barkley has his big name endorsements including Tim Penny and Jesse Ventura, Uldrich list of endorsements include those who are committed to this party on more then an every once in a while basis. Dean Barkley can be a very good candidate in this race, and with some breaks might even win, but Uldrich is no different in that respect. Jack simply is better prepared to represent us in the US Senate while Dean is simply better then Norm Coleman or Al Franken.

Here is the E-mail

We have a big decision before us in the Independence Party US Senate primary coming up this Tuesday September 9. While there are several quality Independence Party candidates from whom to choose, only one encompasses all that we hope for in our United States Senator and that is Jack Uldrich. If you have not yet met Jack please visit his web site www.dotheimpossible08.com and watch what the Star-Tribune's Lori Sturdevant called "among the most clever seen so far this season". Jack Uldrich is the only military veteran in the race having served as a Naval Intelligence Officer aboard the USS John F. Kennedy; as a military advisor for the US Ambassador to NATO; and as a strategic planner for the Pentagon. In a world with increasingly more difficult foreign affairs challenges, having an experienced military intelligence and strategic planner would be a welcome addition to a US Senate chock full of lawyers and career politicians.Jack Uldrich is an internationally recognized expert on emerging technologies, particularly those in the nanotechnology, biosciences and alternative energy sectors. These promising technologies represent the best opportunity to create new American jobs during this period of economic uncertainty. Being an expert has its advantages. While other politicians parrot talking points like “wind, solar, biofuels and renewables,” Jack knows precisely which solar technologies are most promising (thin-film); which turbine technologies are most efficient; and which mix of existing technologies will bridge the gap on our way to energy independence. His four years as Deputy Director of Minnesota Planning provides him with invaluable experience in garnering support for public policy initiatives as well as successfully implementing them.Jack Uldrich is precisely the leader to take the Independence Party to the next level. By that we mean moving beyond just criticizing the major faults of the DFL and Republican Parties, and offering a vision of what this nation can become. We need to move the public beyond their perception of us simply being a “not them” party. We do so by offering constructive solutions that capture the public’s imagination and unites them behind a common goal. Jack has done precisely that on energy independence and addressing the federal budget deficit. Most importantly, Jack is a highly optimistic visionary. When he speaks of the most promising emerging technologies and how they will positively impact our lives; or when he speaks of how we can leave a legacy to our children that we are proud of, his energy consumes those around him instilling them with spirit of “How can I help us get there?” This is precisely the charisma a US Senator needs to offer to an increasingly jaded public and a cynical Washington establishment.Please join us in supporting Jack Uldrich in the September 9, Independence Party Primary. Together, we can prepare for tomorrow, today!Sincerely,
Jim Moore
Lisa McDonald
Tammy Lee
Maureen Reed
John Binkowski
Joel Spoonheim

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Rally for the Republic

In St Paul they were listening to Democrat Joe Lieberman make it crystal clear that John McCain is anything but a friend to the taxpayer, and effectively end my short lived desire to vote McCain/Palin. In Minneapolis we had a taxpayers dream team including Jesse Ventura, Dean Barkley and of course Ron Paul. It really was inspiring to see that there he is a real movement towards change I can believe in and not the communist Bullshit Barack Obama spouts.

Ventura got the crowd on it's feet in a way I haven't seen since he was first elected. While he was playing to a favorable crowd most in the crowd were not there to see him, and I imagine many did not expect to be inspired by him (the Republican spin machine's effort to paint him as a fiscal liberal for supporting the same light rail that Arnie Carlson, Tim Pawlenty, Norm Coleman, and George Bush all supported works). But by speeches end you had to wonder how Ron Paul could possibly top it.

Ron Pauls speech had an amazingly Ventura like quality. Hitting only the points that matter and hitting them in a hard common sense approach. He must have had around 20 standing ovations, and really left little doubt that the Democrats and Republicans were both tax and spend parties that are no longer in touch with the Conservative movement. Even the war that brings most Republicans together can hardly be considered Conservative.

The thousands in attendance were sent out with a strong message to only support true Conservatives, and work to make sure more and more are elected to smaller office such as my Neighbor Tim Utz who received Ron Paul's endorsement for his race for state house against the DFL establishment in Columbia Heights and the surrounding area.

Dean Barkley also earned a strong endorsement at the rally although I still support Jack Uldrich in next weeks Independence Party Primary. Speaking of Uldrich it appears he will be seen on tonight's Tonight show with Jay Leno.

The rally is seen as the first post Ron Paul presidential campaign step in building a real movement that goes beyond just the Republican party, but also a movement that plays to the fact that the parties do have an open process if the #'s are large enough to overcome the establishment. I imagine we will continue to see similar rallies nationwide over the course of the next few years as the long term commitment clearly remains.

The great thing about running within the established party structure is you don't become damaged goods the 2ND time around, and you give your supporters a clear place to go where they can and will find like minded people in large enough #'s to maintain positive momentum.