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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Primary prediction

First of all no matter who you support the best way to defeat Norm Coleman and Al Franken is by voting Tuesday in the Independence party primary and showing everybody were here and were ready for the fight of our life starting Wedsday.

Primary turnout at this point is unpredictable it is the only partisan race other then one or two at the state house level that seems to be competitive. It's a race with at least one well known candidate, long time Independence Party supporters will also know Jack Uldrich very well, and current party activist will know endorsed candidate while others will simply honor his endorsement with their vote Steven Williams. At least two others are running active campaigns and hey Bill Dahn can at least count on that freak Leslie Davis' vote.

Just for fun I'm going to predict the vote total for all 7 candidates

First of all I think turnout will be high we'll go with 38,823

Dean Barkley 19,975 (51.44)
Jack Uldrich 13,501 (34.77)
Stephen Williams 3,981 (10.24)
Bill Dahn 542 (1.38)
Kurt Anderson 498 (1.23)
Daryl Stranton 327 (0.83)
Doug Williams 99 (0.24)


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