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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jack Uldrich

Jack Uldrich is the first to take the oppurtunity to tell us why he is running


Thanks for the opportunity. Here's my first post. It explains why I'm running:

In 2001, a young member of Governor Ventura's administration looked into the future and saw a looming crisis regarding the long-term viability of the Ford Motor plant in St. Paul. He also saw an opportunity. So the cabinet official urged the governor, the mayor of St. Paul, and labor union officials to reach out to Ford officials and begin converting the facility on the Mississippi River from one that built gas-guzzling pick-ups to one that constructed energy-efficient hybrid vehicles and, eventually, hydrogen fuel-cell automobiles.His vision and foresight went unheeded. The Ford plant is now slated to close in 2010.That young official was me, Jack Uldrich, and the story epitomizes why I am running for U.S. Senate. Minnesota - and America - needs leaders who understand where this country is headed and have the courage to act. In short, we need leaders who will prepare this state and this country for tomorrow - today! I am such a leader.When I look into the future...And that is what I have done professionally for the past five years as an author and professional business forecaster - I see much to be deeply concerned about, including my top two priorities: the economy and the environment.Far from being pessimistic about the future, though, I am wildly optimistic. The reason is because I see the huge opportunities hidden within each challenge.Opportunity #1: The EconomyIn 1993, I left my fast-track career as a strategic planner with the Defense Department to return to Minnesota in order to a tackle an issue which I considered the greatest threat facing America: its $4 trillion national debt. I became the head of the Minnesota chapter of the Concord Coalition - a nonpartisan organization dedicated to addressing the looming crisis.I felt so strongly about the issue that I challenged the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, Martin Sabo in 1996 in Minnesota's Fifth Congressional District. Although unsuccessful, Congress heeded my (and many others) message of fiscal responsibility and the federal government actually began running small surpluses.It was a short-lived success. After eight years of Republican and Democratic gamesmanship, America now faces a $10 trillion national debt and another $53 trillion - that's $53,000,000,000,000! -- in unfunded liabilities to the Social Security and Medicare programs.My two children, who are only ages 7 and 9, already owe their government over $200,000. This is not only morally wrong; it is a crisis of historic proportions. America requires fresh, innovative and optimistic leaders who can turn this crisis into an opportunity. I have a plan to do just that and it starts by leveling with the American public. First, we must dramatically reduce the military budget; slash corporate and agricultural subsidies (including ethanol subsidies to Minnesota farmers); and eliminate Congressional earmarks.Beyond that, Congress must immediately index the age of eligibility to Medicare and Social Security to increases in life expectancy. This single step will save trillions of dollars and steer both programs back toward fiscal solvency.Opportunity #2: The EnvironmentOur reliance on foreign oil is central to America's on-going involvement in Iraq; our country's faltering economy; and the very real concern of global climate change.America is not hopeless, though. New energy sources, which are cheap, clean and abundant, represent the opportunity. We need only replace our "do nothing" Congress with leaders who understand America's "can do" spirit and are ready to eliminate our reliance on foreign fossil fuel in a decade's time.I will provide the leadership to grasp this opportunity. And, in so doing, America will extricate itself from the Middle East; we will grow our economy by creating new jobs in the solar, wind, biofuels and hydrogen industries (in large part by halting the transfer of trillions of dollars of American wealth abroad); and we will stop pumping billions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.On issue after issue - from education and emergency preparation to electoral reform -- I see this country headed in the absolute wrong direction.Still I remain wildly optimistic because the only ingredient necessary to turn these challenges into opportunities are leaders who are willing to act today - for a better tomorrow. I am that leader.I invite you to participate in this vital effort with me. With your assistance we can embrace the future with confidence.Your partner in preparing America for tomorrow -- today,Jack Uldrich Independence Party candidate for U.S. Senate



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like what was said here. It is about time that we hear about the issues rather than what Norm and Al are tossing around. I am not seeing much other than mud. This is a can do nation. I am in support of an IP Senate Canidate. I am in support of David Dillon in the 3rd CD as well.
Hope to hear more from our candidates of the IP.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only part of what Jack says on here that bothers me is the reduction of the Military budget. I have always beleived in a strong military. If we reduce that budget we may be putting our soldiers that go into harms way at a further risk. Look at the problems they had in Afganistan and Iraq. They didn't have the proper gear and that got many soldiers killed. That is one thing about this that I just can't agree with. It is a strong miltiary that will help ensure our freedom and protect us when we truly are attacked. The only one of the two conflicts that are in my mind justifiable is in Afganistan. That is where the ones that planned out 9/11 were or are and we needed to go there and get them. But we do need to have a stron defense and sometimes an stron offense. I think that those of us born after WWII forgot what it took to ensure our freedoms that we enjoy. I can gurantee you that Osama and his band didn't think that we really would go after them like we did. I believe that they thought that Americans are soft and wouldn't strike back. We have to be able to flex sometimes to show that you do not attack us or our friends without getting slapped back. Like I always say. You pull the tale of the tiger you just might get the claws. I believe that we do need to have those claws.
Other than that, I like what Jack said here.


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