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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Robert Fitzgerald web ad

Robert Fitzgerald is proudly lining himself up with Ron Paul on his new web ad on facebook. It is clear that neither Al Franken or Norm Coleman will match the fiscal conservatism of Ron Paul. Dean Barkley seems like he will be that kind of option, but as of today the only candidate ready to lead us back in the right direction is Robert Fitzgerald.

Norm Coleman is running on his ability to redistribute millions of dollars to billionaires. Al Franken hasn't seen a dollar he doesn't want to redistribute to individuals. It is not governments job to pick winners and losers.

Build a road or a school hire a cop, fund the military, make sure we are safe but never redistribute wealth. Democrat Republican Independents alike should all vote in the DFL primary to reject Al Franken and Robert Fitzgerad is the most acceptable alternative.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I followed Robert Fitzgerald when he was running previously and I was impressed with all that he brought to the table. I have also seen another incredible ad. on the Web it was at www.doTheImpossible08.com. This ad made so much sense it showed initially what the two other parties stand for and why I am proud to be an Independent. I also thought that Jack Uldrich presents himself as a great alternative - his ideas will move us in the correct direction -

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think we need to redistribut wealth but we need to do what makes sense. Our roads and bridges are falling down. Our schools are not teaching our children. Our Health care is lacking. We need solutions to how to fix these problems. Why can't we just look at what will it cost and how can we get that money to fix it? Just like if we want to buy a car or home. How much is it and then how do we pay for it? Borrowing for our roads and schools is not a good idea. We can't leave that for the future.
I believe that Dean Barkley, at least, has some answers.
Let's get someone that has some common sense for the common man. Franken and Coleman are just going to continue with this bickering that they have already started. Start talking about the issues and stop with the barbs. It turns people off.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No wealth redistribution???

So you have just said shut down Social Security, retirement payments to veterans, Medicare, aid to people with medical disability, etc.

Is that what you meant?

Any economic activity by a government creates winners & losers. The only debate is how to make the decisions.

Blogger mike said...

The debate ends when we hit the $50,000 mark, the debate ends when we go outside the role of goverment.

Lets talk about the stadium issue, it's pandering nothing more nothing less and its pathetic. If another mayor wants to waste tax payer dollars on a zero sum game let them be pathetic.


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