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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Al Franken

Lets just say it, Al Franken will not be the next Senator from the state of Minnesota. The reason, he does not know how to pay his taxes, and is not willing to campaign on the issue that our tax system is to complicated which would suggest he feels that average Americans should be capable of doing things that he can't or won't. Worse yet in Frankens ad defending his major tax mistakes he suggest that he overpaid not in Minnesota, but in the state he lived in, or to put it in other words failed to pay his Minnesota taxes.

Al Franken can't win!!! So what does that mean, to assume Norm Coleman will win is silly as most polls suggest Minnesotans are not happy with Republicans. If the rank and file in the DFL are seeing clearly they will see that they have an opportunity in November only by promoting someone other then Franken in September. Rob Fitzgerald would seem to be the only viable alternative. The only other option is the winner of the Independence Party primary. A primary where three candidates have a very real shot at victory. The media concludes Dean Barkley will walk away with it, but then again the media concludes Al Franken is one of two candidates that can win.

In an era where we hear way to often that it's the most important election of our lifetime might I suggest that the DFL and Independence Party primaries are the most important election of this US Senate race?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think that might help with our complicated tax system? Anyone out there have an idea? I read about it and it sounds good to me.


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