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Saturday, August 09, 2008

There all trying

I can for possibly the first time ever say that 4 Independence Party candidates are all putting forth meaningful effort to convert voters prior to the state fair. I'd love to say six, but when you cross endorse Democrats you hurt the party. I can give a pass for Tinklenberg because he served under Ventura, but why endorse every DFLer that asks. Being against Michele Bachmann and John Kline is for the most part a good thing, but lets not sacrifice our fiscal conseritism because the Republicans fail us in other areas.

I am in favor of cross endorsement as a means of supporting candidates not opposing them.

Now a few favors to take care of, David Dillon faces off with his CD 3 rivals in a debate that deserves fair media coverage, we can no longer tolerate the lazy media (most notably Pat Kessler). Also Jack Uldrich is out with a new web ad, he also is participating in the farmfest debate by answering the questions all the questions asked. It's innovated, it's smart and it ends the media's controll of the process and puts it in the voters hands. Of course that website is dotheimpossible.com

Go Twins!! It's beer time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What better candidates can you ask for than those that will take your questions seriously. I have talked to David Dillon. I didn't always like his answers but they were real and not scripted. Because of his honest answers he has my full support. Same with any Independence Party Candidate. The media may not like what they say but at least you won't get gobbly gook from the IP. I also will say that not every candidate will have THE answer. But I will say that the IP candidates will find an answer and get back to you with one. To me that is a real person that is concerned about real issues. The IP is not going to sling mud. They will stick to records and will stick to issues. Right now on the ads we are seeing is mud flying. That will only continue on in Washington. Do you really want that or do you want things taken care of? I also know that to get things done there will be some big pills to swallow. But why not swallow them now so that they don't have to be dealt with in the future. Think about the future folks! Do you want to heap it on your children and grand children? They will have enough to deal with when their time comes. Let's not burden them any more then they already will be.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it is a sad state of affairs when we have 3 major parties in this state and we only hear about 2 of them. People want change but they are not allowed to hear about other candidates. These to parties have done well in stamping those that want a rea choice. If we were really about free and open elections then we would let all voices be heard. We go after other countries for not allowing decenting voices to be heard yet we quell those that are not Democrats or Republicans. If the media is going to say anthing about Coleman or Franken why don't they talk about Williams or Barkley or Uldrich? Why are they not talking about our congressional districts as well? Those are just as important as these other elections. There are some good candidates. One that I am pulling for is David Dillon of the 3rd. The real choice for a decent voice in Washington. Are they afraid of the Independence Party? I am guessing that they are because the IP are ones that want to stop the bickering and work to get things done. That's my view.
Go David Dillon.


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