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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Rally for the Republic

In St Paul they were listening to Democrat Joe Lieberman make it crystal clear that John McCain is anything but a friend to the taxpayer, and effectively end my short lived desire to vote McCain/Palin. In Minneapolis we had a taxpayers dream team including Jesse Ventura, Dean Barkley and of course Ron Paul. It really was inspiring to see that there he is a real movement towards change I can believe in and not the communist Bullshit Barack Obama spouts.

Ventura got the crowd on it's feet in a way I haven't seen since he was first elected. While he was playing to a favorable crowd most in the crowd were not there to see him, and I imagine many did not expect to be inspired by him (the Republican spin machine's effort to paint him as a fiscal liberal for supporting the same light rail that Arnie Carlson, Tim Pawlenty, Norm Coleman, and George Bush all supported works). But by speeches end you had to wonder how Ron Paul could possibly top it.

Ron Pauls speech had an amazingly Ventura like quality. Hitting only the points that matter and hitting them in a hard common sense approach. He must have had around 20 standing ovations, and really left little doubt that the Democrats and Republicans were both tax and spend parties that are no longer in touch with the Conservative movement. Even the war that brings most Republicans together can hardly be considered Conservative.

The thousands in attendance were sent out with a strong message to only support true Conservatives, and work to make sure more and more are elected to smaller office such as my Neighbor Tim Utz who received Ron Paul's endorsement for his race for state house against the DFL establishment in Columbia Heights and the surrounding area.

Dean Barkley also earned a strong endorsement at the rally although I still support Jack Uldrich in next weeks Independence Party Primary. Speaking of Uldrich it appears he will be seen on tonight's Tonight show with Jay Leno.

The rally is seen as the first post Ron Paul presidential campaign step in building a real movement that goes beyond just the Republican party, but also a movement that plays to the fact that the parties do have an open process if the #'s are large enough to overcome the establishment. I imagine we will continue to see similar rallies nationwide over the course of the next few years as the long term commitment clearly remains.

The great thing about running within the established party structure is you don't become damaged goods the 2ND time around, and you give your supporters a clear place to go where they can and will find like minded people in large enough #'s to maintain positive momentum.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to note how many of those that attended this rally were from Minnesota and would consider themselves as Independents or would vote for anyone in the Independence Party. Anyone out there that can hazard a guess?


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