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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Post fair thoughts

The media impression of the Independence Party state fair booths suggested Dean Barkley's booth was much more active then Jack Uldrich. I strolled by both booths 2 or three times each and it appeared fairly even action. I might have to rethink my prediction from earlier in the day and say the primary race will be a little closer.

Overall politics were dead all around the fair, as is typical on the weekend. Hopefully next week I'll get a chance to see Franken, Coleman and potentially a presidential candiate or two next week.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barkley's booth got a big boost when Jesse Venture showed up for a little time. That man has a gift of gab that astounds me. Why people didn't like him as governor blows me away. Hope Jesse is willing to do what he can to not only help get Dean or Jack elected but to also help the party take off. Think that could happen?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Attention Independents out there. Time to come together and get people with real answers and real change elected. Get a hold of your local CD Chairs and see what you can do to get these people elected!


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