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Monday, August 18, 2008

Other polling at 11%

A KSTP Survey poll released Sunday night shows 1 in 9 Minnesotan's have already decided neither Norm Coleman or Al Franken are worthy of their vote. Coleman leads 47-39 over Franken. Al Franken does not know how to pay taxes and thus 39% represents the highest he will poll the rest of the way. At 11% (assuming we can put at least 10% of that to the Independence Party primary winner) hope exists, and when Colemans lead becomes 49-35-13 both Coleman and Franken supporters will feel it is safe to support Dean Barkley, Jack Uldrich, or Stephen Williams, and it simply becomes a matter of knocking Coleman under 35%.

Of course if Rob Fitzgerald wins the DFL primary then the DFL will have hope and thus will get behind their candidate.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too bad the IP of Minnesotadoesn't debate amongst Steve Williams, Dean Barkley, Jack Uldrich at the State Fair in their booth. That would draw a lot of attention to the IP.

Anonymous james williams said...

MPR invited all three of those candidates to debate at the fair.


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