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Friday, September 05, 2008

Jack Uldrich endorsement

The most politically wise long term Independence Party members have all endorsed Jack Uldrich. While Dean Barkley has his big name endorsements including Tim Penny and Jesse Ventura, Uldrich list of endorsements include those who are committed to this party on more then an every once in a while basis. Dean Barkley can be a very good candidate in this race, and with some breaks might even win, but Uldrich is no different in that respect. Jack simply is better prepared to represent us in the US Senate while Dean is simply better then Norm Coleman or Al Franken.

Here is the E-mail

We have a big decision before us in the Independence Party US Senate primary coming up this Tuesday September 9. While there are several quality Independence Party candidates from whom to choose, only one encompasses all that we hope for in our United States Senator and that is Jack Uldrich. If you have not yet met Jack please visit his web site www.dotheimpossible08.com and watch what the Star-Tribune's Lori Sturdevant called "among the most clever seen so far this season". Jack Uldrich is the only military veteran in the race having served as a Naval Intelligence Officer aboard the USS John F. Kennedy; as a military advisor for the US Ambassador to NATO; and as a strategic planner for the Pentagon. In a world with increasingly more difficult foreign affairs challenges, having an experienced military intelligence and strategic planner would be a welcome addition to a US Senate chock full of lawyers and career politicians.Jack Uldrich is an internationally recognized expert on emerging technologies, particularly those in the nanotechnology, biosciences and alternative energy sectors. These promising technologies represent the best opportunity to create new American jobs during this period of economic uncertainty. Being an expert has its advantages. While other politicians parrot talking points like “wind, solar, biofuels and renewables,” Jack knows precisely which solar technologies are most promising (thin-film); which turbine technologies are most efficient; and which mix of existing technologies will bridge the gap on our way to energy independence. His four years as Deputy Director of Minnesota Planning provides him with invaluable experience in garnering support for public policy initiatives as well as successfully implementing them.Jack Uldrich is precisely the leader to take the Independence Party to the next level. By that we mean moving beyond just criticizing the major faults of the DFL and Republican Parties, and offering a vision of what this nation can become. We need to move the public beyond their perception of us simply being a “not them” party. We do so by offering constructive solutions that capture the public’s imagination and unites them behind a common goal. Jack has done precisely that on energy independence and addressing the federal budget deficit. Most importantly, Jack is a highly optimistic visionary. When he speaks of the most promising emerging technologies and how they will positively impact our lives; or when he speaks of how we can leave a legacy to our children that we are proud of, his energy consumes those around him instilling them with spirit of “How can I help us get there?” This is precisely the charisma a US Senator needs to offer to an increasingly jaded public and a cynical Washington establishment.Please join us in supporting Jack Uldrich in the September 9, Independence Party Primary. Together, we can prepare for tomorrow, today!Sincerely,
Jim Moore
Lisa McDonald
Tammy Lee
Maureen Reed
John Binkowski
Joel Spoonheim


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very difficult choice we have here in the Independence Party. I like both Dean and Jack. I'm not sure if I could even flip a coin on this one. I truly believe that either one of them would do wonders in Washington. Can I split my vote? Man this is difficult.

Blogger Kevin Chavis said...

As an independent Green, I too am voting for Jack Uldrich in tomorrow's primary. He's not perfect ( supports corn-based ethanol ) but he's one of the best I have seen at articulating a postive vision. This is what I want to see more of in our candidates than the mudslinging seen on TV ads and Craigslist.

You should really have posted some of his videos from YouTube on your site!


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