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Friday, September 19, 2008

The Federal Deficit

David Dillon has the ever increasing federal deficit displayed front and center on his web page, sit there for a minute or two and watch it increase by a million dollars. When your literally throwing away a million dollars every few minutes it becomes really easy to approve 20 million here and 16 million there for projects you know nothing about, but of course that only makes things worse.

But hey who cares we can just print more money right? Sure and with each dollar we print is a US government approved increase to the price of gas, food, steel. It's an incentive for our best workers to leave the country, it's an incentive for our best thinkers to produce their ideas outside of the country.

Law makers are entirely responsible for the situation, but even more so is the media and American people for not doing anything about it. So the question is now that we are fully aware that the ride is nearly over are we as voters going to start acting responsible. Or are we going to let a great nation fade.

I've got news for you it's going to take more then just a bold vote to create the kind of change that we can't do without, but since we do have an election in the not so distant future a message saying we as American's don't care will be very easy to send, and the whole world will hear that message loud and clear.


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