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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Momentum building

While the bigtime partisan blogs refuse to as much as mention Dean Barkley even when going over the most recent polls, we are seeing in the last few days about 50 seperate Google hits a day most of them going in depth on Barkley's role in this campaign. This can only build more suport and more momentum. I encourage you all to add comments on blogs and make sure those willing to mention Barkley's name know there is a strong level of excitement behind his campaign, and it's not all just people who are mad that they have mean ads.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We also need help in getting David Dillon's name out there as well. People only hear about Madia and Paulsen because of their big budget ads. Dillon is doing his best but we need to get as many IP people behind him as possible. This country really is ripe for Independents. We need to band together and get the job done. I would like to suggest to all those running under the IP Endorsement to help each other out. I am more than positive that Dean will do just that. He is all about getting the IP going. This could be a banner year and the start to bringing this government back to its senses.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Suggestion. People, go to every news station blog you can. Go to every national blog you can and write as much as you can. Can we work on a plan to hit all the papers across the state with letters to the editor? We need to fine every paper that is out there for ever town we can. Anyone??

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now is the time to get Your message out. The other two are tearing each other down and Dean can pop right up with a clean campain, get one third of each of their support and win the election. Get started now as early voters will be voting soon. Sounds good to me.


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