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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Game on!!!

Dean Barkley won the Independence Party primary with well over 50% of the vote. I preferred Jack Uldrich, but the Independence Party is in good hands with one of it's best campaigners in Dean Barkley. The tell it like it is attitude bites Franken and Coleman hard as he did in tonight's speech at the Independence Party primary night party.

Smokers have their best allie yet in Dean Barkley who might just puff a few cigars inside bars over the course of the campaign. The tax payer has it's best allieyet in Barkley. Call him a nut if you want to, tell him he can't win bottom line you'll be talking about Dean Barkley and so will the media.

He's not Tim Penny, he's not Peter Hutchinson and get this he will not make things easy for Norm Coleman. Gone are the days of the wieny liberalish Independence Party candidates. 8% now he's in the debates, Al Franken want any of this? How about you Norm Coleman. Only one US Senate candidate was endorsed at the Ron Paul rally, his name Dean Barkley.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great shot in the arm for MNIP. Yes, I liked Jack as well. Very hard decision on who to vote for. Came down to a coin flip. I wonder about that rally. How many of them are IP members? Can we find out?
Don't forget David Dillon as well. He is a strong candidate. We need to help get him elected as well. I hope to hear about him on here as often as you can.


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