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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

55 days

Really everyone is still assuming Dean Barkley will finish somewhere around 6-12%, and in the pundits minds he will be so vastly outspent that any fundraising effort will mean little. The reality is he will have to show the voters something to get out of that 6-12% range, but if he does he can almost jump to 20% overnight. Keep in mind Jesse Ventura polled at 26% in this race with a decent chunk of undecideds that could have only added to that #.

$200,000 for Barkley is as meaningful as about 2 or 3 million for his opponents. To put it in other words if the average person that voted for him in the primary gave him $50 he would be financially competitive.

Then we have the debates, the biggest problem I've seen with post Jesse Independence Party candidates is that they more or less agree with the Democrats on issues A,B, and C while agreeing with the Republican on issues D,E and F or in other words while you couldn't get the same package you could vote for similar stances by voting Democrat or Republican. Barkley gets the fact that he can't win that way, and will separate himself from his opponents on as many issues as possible. He will make a point of going after both his opponents at the same time. He will find niche issues such as helmet laws and the smoking ban where he will flat out say to hell with anyone that disagrees. This will help builda meaningful passionate base.

You let a guy like this in the debates and you're throwing everything you know about politics away. I am completely shocked Norm Coleman is stepping into this trap once again


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