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Friday, September 19, 2008

No more Bailouts

It amazes me that Barack Obama, and John McCain are trying to out bash each other on what might be the most important issue in a generation. Both of course are completely wrong on it as the short term stock market effect is to important to them.

I understand that candidates usually don't participate in Washington this close to an election but anyone who does not participate on this is not qualified to lead. John McCain was right on this issue Monday morning, and let that whinny Barack Obama's political play reverse him in his tracks. John McCain is exactly the wrong man for the job at this time. Obama is simply wrong.

No more bailouts, no more regulations. If you think Democrats or Republicans are willing to lead you haven't been paying attention. I wish I could vote Ron Paul for president as he is exactly what we need, but the only voice of reason on these issues in the US Senate race is Dean Barkley.

I don't care if you vote Bob Barr or Chuck Baldwin for president but a vote for Obama or McCain is a defaulted vote, and the government won't bail you out and give you your vote back.


Blogger Jersey McJones said...

The bailouts are necessary now as there are greater economic concerns at play here than just narrow arguments about moral hazard.

But remember - if we had the REGULATIONS we wouldn't need the BAILOUTS. And you can blame the sleazy deregulaters in today's Washington for that.


Blogger mike said...

It was the lack of regulations that allowed our economy to thrive, it is the lack of regulations that make our economy work.

The goverment is not able to magically fix things. Yes they can smooth the bumps in the road, but that only amplifies the problem and stretches it out over years rather then months.

The goverment won't make things horrible but they by no means need to get in the way.

Anonymous Brian said...


I just heard you say on NPR that you would "hold your nose" and vote on some sort of gov't intervention on this wall street crisis? What do you propose? My God! What is being proposed now is pure socialism! I was leaning toward voting for you, however this really needs to be clarified.


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