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Monday, November 05, 2007

Ron Paul, and Independence Party Convention

Today I made my first political donation to a member of this countries two dynasty parties by giving $25 to Ron Paul's campaign. The Paul campaign has set a goal of raising over $5 million today alone and as of 6 AM is well past $500,000. It will be interesting to see how the media treats him should he hit that mark as right now the profile of a Paul supporter is something less then mainstream.

Of course we all know that the mainstream American doesn't participate in large #'s in the nomination process so even if the media profile is accurate the sub culture of Ron Paul supporters still holds an overwhelming amount of power if say they have nothing better to do on a Tuesday night early next year, and based on the above profile I got news for you they won't.

Now on to that other party, the Independence Party, they hold there convention Saturday December 1st with two key issues being addressed. First they will consider joining a national Independence Party which appears set to endorse Michael Bloomberg for president. There are fears from those who were around during the Reform Party days that a national party is nothing but trouble, but thats the view from the inside out and as we know politics is all about the view from the outside in, and from that perspective not being a part of a national party is one less notch of credibility.

The 2nd and probably more important issue is that of cross endorsement. It is a great tool for the Independence Party to use it's 1-3% of influance to help worthy candidates. However it has to be used correctly, and if that means 11 Republicans and 2 Democrats get it thats what needs to happen. I fear that the compramise will be to make sure it's close to even and thats simply sillyness as the moment you endorse a less then worthy candidate all other cross endorsements are made worthless.

These are the last days of the Independence Party unless they start getting everything right, they can, but for now I'm on to bigger and better things and thats Ron Paul. That and I have to work the day of the IP conention.