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Friday, March 03, 2006

The DFL game plan

From Minnesota Campaign Report comments:

The DFL candidate will remind people at every stop what happened the last time an Independence candidate got serious attention - we got Jesse Ventura and four years of deadlock and silly ideas at the Capitol. Next candidate, depending on how you looked at it, gave the election to Pawlenty. That's what a smart DFL candidate will do, and Hutchinson will be a non-factor...

They will simply cover therir ears deny the existance of a third choice, blaime all there past failures on anybody but themselves, and call anyone who gets elected governor incompetent. I think we can all figure out how well that game plan will work for them this fall.


Blogger Christopher said...

They will simply cover therir ears deny the existance of a third choice

The DFL will have the help of the Star Tribune, apparently.

The best I can tell, Hutchinson wasn't mentioned at all in the paper's post-State of the State stories, even though all the DFL gubernatorial candidates were.

Blogger mike said...

It appears that little problem has been taken care of, this from Jim Moore

I spoke with Dane Smith this morning. He said he blew it and apologized profusely “You guys always point out that we focus on the two other parties too much and I was guilty of it. He followed up by calling Peter and getting a quote that will run in the Capital Roundup section of Sunday’s paper (which Dane pointed out has a significantly higher circulation and readership than Friday’s paper). I have every reason to believe he will do a better job in the future.

Hopefully we won't have to deal with much more of this.


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