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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The voters have spoken they don't want a DFL governor

There is a reason the voters didn't support Skip Humphrey and Roger Moe the past two races, it was because they don't represent what Minnesotans are looking for in a governor. In 2004 the DFL line was anyone but Bush, but then they nominated the same old style of candidate. If the problem is Tim Pawlenty the DFL needs to give us an option that is better then Pawlenty.

I think the reality is the DFL doesn't care about anything other then winning elections. We didn't see a push for Instant Run off elections when the line was anyone but Bush. Minnesotans are ready to fire the governor and are just looking for a real option. The public has indicated there thoughts on Skip Huphrey and Roger Moe. For Minnesota to go back to the DFL they will need something different. Until then there only hope will be to vote Republican or hope the Independence Party finds the right place and the right time in the election cycle to pull off another upset, and all the begging from the eventual DFL candidate for Peter Hutchinson and his supporters to step aside so they can take on the governor one on one (with no regard mind you for Sue Jeffers pressence in the race as she will be expected to only hurt Pawlenty) will be met with a hell no attitude.

The DFL can push instant run off elections if they want a chance to take on the Republicans one on one. Then it's left to the voters to dictate that eventual result. They won't aggresivly push IRV because they know it won't help them win elections. No all you will ever hear from the DFL is that it just isn't fair that the Independence Party exists.


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