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Friday, February 24, 2006

Breaking down the Governors race.

Tim Pawlenty Republican Incumbent

A popular governor who goes into the race as a solid favorite to win re-election. He has some major weaknesses that his opponents will be able to hit hard, but still as long as he makes no more mistakes his prospects for re-election are very good.

Jonathan Sharkey vampire

A gimmick candidate who needs to read the constitution if he wants to be granted any more interviews from real political observers.

Sue Jeffers Libertarian

First Libertarian to run for governor in a few cycles she has a good nitch crowd that could allow her to hover close to the 5% major party threshold however since there already is a 3rd option she will probably fair somewhere around where Ken Pental finished in 2002

Mike Hatch Democrat

The early favorite to win the DFL nomination, has been looking to get into this race for about 3 years now. Has some high negatives, but would be no worse then any other Democrat in November.

Kelly Doran Democrat

A lot of money some billboards, but nobody seems to care yet

Steve Kelley Democrat

For now he's at the back of the DFL pack but if Democrats aren't ready to give Hatch the endorsement he is the best bet to make a late charge

Becky Lourey Democrat

The candidate for liberal Democrats, should finish 2nd for the nomination but I don't see much hope for her getting it

Peter Hutchinson Independence party

Starting out relatively unknown but with a fair amount of money already for any candidate let alone a 3rd party candidate. He has a solid base to work with, but must build the kind of momentum Ventura did in 98

My early prediction is Hatch will be the DFL candidate, Sharkey won't get on the ballot and we will see Pawlenty win 43% over Hatch 35% Hutchinson 19% and Jeffers 3%

Caucus turn out will tell a little bit more about where Hutchinson currently stands. If over 1,000 turn out it will demonstrate there is already a huge base ready to help him win


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