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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Funeral protest bill

Sometimes a vote of 58-1 can clearly tell the story that this is a bad bill, based on nothing more then emotion and election year politics. The one no vote came from Becky Lourey who's view on this issue says a lot. Senator Lourey of course lost her son in Iraq.

The Phelps group has traveled all around the country, and while many of us who haven't been at those funerals have suggested we would do bodily harm to them not one person has as much as spit upon them. They have been given the amount of respect that they deserve at each and every funeral they have spewed their hate at.

The police departments, grievers and patriot guard have all conducted themselves honorably. No further legislation is necessary to deal with this hateful group. I have nothing against anyone that voted for this bill, but I really wish at least one or two legislators who didn't have the coverage that Lourey unfortunately has would have voted against it. It seems as if our legislators are sending a message that all problems need to swiftly be dealt with by adding more laws.

I'm not a big fan of Becky Lourey but she got this one right and for that I respect her greatly.


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