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Monday, March 13, 2006

Caucus night starting to pay dividends

Often times we put to much emphasis on the number of people that show up to caucuses, but more important is the quality of these people and the commitment we get from them. I have already seen over the last week a few new faces already being plugged into the Independence party with the energy and skill we need to make things work on a daily basis.

The Peter Hutchinson campaign has continued to promote the virtual caucus on line until the end of the month to fill delegate slots. They are confident they can bring in several hundered more. Things appear to be developing toward a big endorsement convention June 24th in St. Paul, as those plans are starting to be finalized. I should be able to provide more details on that exciting event later this week.

As negative as I sometimes get about caucuses success can only truly be measured months later when we see the new faces and what they have to offer. So far so good.


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