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Monday, March 06, 2006

A couple things

I think we can officially say Jonathan Sharkey will not be on the ballot, I don't think you can tell the FCC your dead and then run for political office again.

My two favorite Kirby Puckett memories, the first game I remember attending Kirby hit for the cycle although this is technically not a Kirby Puckett memory as I only realized that years later when I found out that he did it in the same game in which Bert Blyleven recorded his 3000th strikeout which I remember very well, and of course the afternoon in Milwaukee when he had 6 hits 2 HR's and robbed Robin Yount of a grand slam.

And finally there are a few rumors that another candidate or two of meaningful status might still enter this Governors race to challange Peter Hutchinson for the Independence Party nomination. I can only speculate names based on limited information I have, I'll hold off until after tomorrow night to give my guesses assuming no concrete information develops between now and then.


Blogger mal said...

despite recent bad press, Kirby has a history of being a class act. I hope he makes it through.

Sharkey dropped out? Why am I not disappointed?


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