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Saturday, March 04, 2006

If you don't buy into the 3rd party movement

In Minnesota you have only one alternitive choice Tuesday to move Minnesota forward as the Republican party is unwilling to move away from their outrageous stance on the gay marriage issue. No your only choice outside of the Independence Party to move Minnesota forward is to caucus with the DFL and support Kelly Doran.

Unfortunately not only do you have to support the Doran campaign and vote for it, if and when he is elected you must stay on his case, making absolute certain he does not drift away from leadership and toward the liberal side of the DFL. For now the good news is he has taken in very little special interest money, so maybe there is hope.

The big problem with supporting someone like Kelly Doran is the majority of the DFL is going to do everything they can to make sure he doesn't make it to November, and then will drag you along for the ride by convincing you there is no other option.


Blogger mal said...

it bothers me that the Republican party has become the party that tries to represent too few and the Democrats, the party that tries to represent too many...sheesh


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