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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Caucus night a little disappointing

Even though most independents see the whole caucus process as pointless the attendance last night did not signal momentum. The Independence Party has never been a party that saw success in any part of the process outside of election day, but still given Peter Hutchinson’s fundraising #'s and the number of people showing up to his announcement I expected a lot better.

It's to bad we have to make sure to follow not only laws that exist but also laws that don't exist in order to make sure our candidates are on the ballot, as the caucus process is extremely costly and the most inefficient use of time and energy. Hopefully the next secretary of state will rid of this pointless ritual.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd much rather see the primary moved to May or June and the caucuses killed off.

Endorsements at the convention are fine, but I think we'd all be better off if the primary was well in advance of Election Day -- allowing regular people to have a say in the process while also allowing nominees a chance to heal before entering the general election.

Anonymous Bjorn said...

I was a little disappointed, too. On the other hand, it gave me the inertia and desire to attend more events.


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