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Monday, March 06, 2006

Significance of caucus night

Outside of the voting on delegates that may effect many of us who enjoy this stuff on a personal level I don't see to much happening tomorrow night.

On the DFL side Mike Hatch will win the vote tomorrow night, Becky Lourey will come in 2nd, Steve Kelley will have a nice showing coming in third and Doran will come in a distant 4th. The only possible surprise I could see is Steve Kelley having a poor showing and maybe Kelly Doran will do a little better then expected. We will get confirmation that the race for senate is still alive, but there’s no doubt Amy Klobachar will beat Ford Bell.

On the Republican side absolutely nothing matters. Even if only 102 people showed up nobody would care all that much.

On the Independence party side people will look to the # of attendees to see if they can write the party off, but the # will be high enough that they can't. There may be some delegates that emerge that are notable names as well as candidates who emerge, but it probably won't be groundbreaking.

Nope we're all getting excited about a day that will amount to next to nothing, but that’s OK we're only about 240 days away from a day we all know will matter.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually I expect Ford Bell to do well outstate, especially in North Central and North West parts of the state. On the range, many people will think that they are voting for Jim Klobuchar and not the mealy-mouthed Attorney from Minneapolis. There I expect Ford Bell to win only by a narrow margin, vs. the sweep he will have in other parts of the state.

It is worth remembering also the percentage of caucus returns and delegates that the last peace candidate got in Minneapolis. Maybe Amy could win outright a few precincts in Saint Paul and the x-urbs...

The grassroots matters in Minnesota more than some nod from New York, Massachussetts or D.C.


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