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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Results of the straw poll that never happened

100% of those that showed up at Republican caucuses in Minnesota last week want Tim Pawlenty to be their candidate for governor this year. They figured this out in a less Democratic process then the one that was used in Iraq to consistently elect Saddam Hussien. They simply stated 100% support with no questions asked by the secretary of states office. Clearly his support among hardcore Republicans is something slightly less then that given his promotion of gambling, stadiums, rail transit, minumum wage increases, and major fee increases.

State law mandates a major party conducts a straw poll at caucuses. I'm pretty sure if the Independence party decided to use the same process as the Republicans used Mary Kiffmeyer would be trying to strip the Independence Party of major party status, then again she only likes to try to do that once it's to late for candidates to gather signatures to get on the ballot. Not only did the Independence party follow the law and conduct a straw poll at caucuses they actually gave the voters options even though there is currently one candidate seeking endorsement.

Secretary of State Kiffmeyer can be reached at secretary.state@state.mn.us <secretary.state@state.mn.us> lets make sure she starts enforcing laws that exist.


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