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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Gay marriage amendment

I'm very concerned that this issue will make it's way on the November ballot, not only because I totally disagree with it, but because an issue like this will completely change the dynamic for the 200+ elections in this state that will effect each and every Minnesotan.

Clearly the Christian right will turnout in large #'s and vote Republican, while the gay activist will also turn out in large #'s voting mostly Democrat. While there’s no doubt this issue will demonstrate to moderate Minnesotans how important it is to do whatever it takes to stay away from the extremes, if poll #'s for Independence Party candidates are under 10% come October many will shy away and get sucked in supporting there side of the marriage issue.

Luckily the DFL does control the Senate so either they will block the amendment, or they will have to be held accountable by the anti amendment voters. In any event an issue like this is really damaging to the process.

I'm all for having the opportunity to vote on issues like this any other day, if that’s what our leaders determine is right but to throw a curve ball into the 2006 elections especially this late in the game is bad for all of us.


Blogger Christopher said...

In 2004, nine of the 11 states holding Election Day votes on constitutional amendments to ban gay marraige also voted for George W. Bush.

For Bush: Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Ohio and Utah.

For Kerry: Michigan and Oregon.

Of the Bush states, only Ohio was close.

Blogger Christopher said...

Having said that, I think the DFL will let Don Betzold take care of the amendment in the Judiciary Committee and move one.

Best hope: That Michele Bachmann & Co. give us a repeat performance of 2004 -- which produced massive anti-incumbent results on Election Day.

P.S.: I like this blog.


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