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Monday, March 20, 2006

Sports, Sports, Sports

usually when I post about sports I look at the post a few days later think it's stupid in the context of this blog and delete it. Given that I'll try to put everything in one post so I don't have a bunch of tiny opinions every so often that end up annoying me.

Does anyone else think the NCAA tournament is to repetitive? Do we really care when a 12 seed beats a 5 seed anymore given we've seen it dozens of times and they don't ever make it past the sweet 16? I find that the tournament is only as compelling as my bracket takes me and these days I barley even care about that.

College Hockey, St Cloud State came a game short of the NCAA tournament and the sad thing is it wasn't necessarily last nights game, as they were right on the edge of an at large bid. Oh well they look to be back on the rise, next year I will need to invest a few weekends driving up to St Cloud.

Wild, I hate this time of year when all I really care about is if my favorite players score, and am not so sure I even want them to pull off a victory as it will hurt there draft position.

Timberwolves, what a pathetic organization from top to bottom, someone needs to explain why Kevin Garnett is considered to be such a great player. He might not have Kobe Bryant or Dwayne Wade by his side, but a truly great player doesn't have two consecutive embarrassing seasons in the middle of his prime. Say what you will about the spending habits of Carl Pohlad with the Twins or Bob Neagle with the Wild, but if I could fire one owner it would be Glen Taylor the guy truly has no clue what he's doing.

Vikings, possibly the most average franchise in the history of sports, looks like a bunch of average moves again this past week.

Twins, tough to really get a good idea this spring with all the distractions. I don't think I'll have any better opinion on them then I did in January until at least the middle of April. Rondell White looks like he might be exactly what we need though.


Blogger Christopher said...

St. Cloud's season died in Mankato last month.


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