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Saturday, March 25, 2006

The youth factor

The Independence Party now has two candidates running for federal office who have never been eligible to vote at times when the IP/Reform party was a non factor. These 8 years have gone by very quickly for us first time Jesse Ventura voters who are now in the prime of our lives and are ready to take what we know is ours for good.

More important then that though is these younger voters who may be voting in state races for the first time. These 18 to 21 year olds were anywhere from 10 to 13 years old when Ventura was elected. All they know is a strong three party system in state politics. These young voters are not going to let some tired old myths get in there way of letting there voice be heard. With young candidates like Robert Fitzgerald and John Binkowski encouraging them along I believe the under 30 voter is going to be a big help to all Independence Party candidates in November.

I don't have any wild ideas that young voters will turnout in large #'s but those that do will send a loud clear message that politics in Minnesota has changed for good. In another 8 years when we are in our in our 30's and represent a good chunk of the voting public we will continue to support the Independence Party. People underestimate what Ventura's victory amounted to simply because the party did not make any major strides immediately following his victory, but as is often overlooked by Democrats and Republicans the Ventura victory not only had a short term effect it also is having a long term effect.


Blogger Christopher said...

Young voters (especially college students) can be a huge factor with same-day registration.

Does Ventura win in 1998 w/o the support of college kids?

Blogger mike said...

I think he still pulls it off if he doesn't win the first time elegible voters, but it's close enough that they might be able to pull somke strings and get it overturned.

Keep in mind if college kids didn't vote Venturat they would tend to favor the DFL so I'm not so sure Coleman would have made up the 2% and change he would have needed.

It must be noted that according to exit polls Ventura won or tied every demographic with the exception of seniors.


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