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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Dean Johnson scandle? Not so much

I think this information from Minnesota Democrats Exposed tells the complete story. Dean Johnson first started telling his lies to big crowds not last week, not last month, but last year:

It's now up to five verified incidents where Senator Dean Johnson has spoken about the Minnesota Supreme Court and the Defense of Marriage Act:1. A meeting at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, November 30, 2005, in Minneapolis. 2. At the Willmar ministerial, December 1, 2005, in Willmar Minnesota...

If Johnson was out of line those that were aware of this should have brought it up sometime prior to the start of the session, not in the days leading up to the Big Bachmann Bigot (BBB) Rally that took place yesterday. No the BBB's were holding on this information for two reasons one because it's not a big enough deal for anyone to care unless you send out press releases every 5 minutes (think jaywalking), and two because they can't win on the merits of the issue they are pushing and are left trying to play games with marginally related issues.

Meanwhile Tim Pawlenty was for the third time fined by the FEC last week and the media gave it how much ink? A couple sentences on the back end of a then non story about Tim Penny's money. As governor Pawlenty suggests it's long past time to move on and concentrate on the work that actually matters to Minnesotans.


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