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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

67,000 interesting questions

As many of you already know Tim Penny had to reopen his governor campaign because he received a $67,000 refund from an ad agency. At the time the only question I had was why it took so long for this money to surface, but I assumed Penny had control of the money and was releasing it because he wanted it to be used in an election year and saw some good oppurtunities to make the best of the money. The obvious explanation of course being that it was money that was not spent due to the period of mourning for Paul Wellstone. I have found out this is not the case. The ad agency which also represented Roger Moe simply failed to fulfill there obligation. $67,000 was a considerable portion of Penny's ad budget and he was right in the middle of the race up until the final weeks of the race so it begs the question what the motives of this ad agency were, and did Roger Moe or the Democratic party play a role in this.


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