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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Kelly Doran out

Checks and Balances is reporting Doran will drop out.

That leaves only one choice for voters looking to move Minnesota forward. Where does Doran go from here probably nowhere, but more interesting what is Shelia Kiscadens next move. Probably a run for re-election with the DFL but who knows at this point.


Blogger Christopher said...

No kidding, today I was actually thinking that Doran would catch fire this summer as DFLers started considering electability.

I imagine Kiscaden will go back to Rochester. She's not a really exciting runningmate -- though it was a nice try by Doran.

I could see Hatch maybe trying to get her on his ticket, but I doubt it. A decent political reporter would ask: "Senator, would you still be a Republican today if they hadn't kicked you out?"

Of course, I'm talking about Hatch as though he's the nominee. Maybe Steve Kelley has a trick up his sleeve...

Blogger Christopher said...

Off topic...

What'd you think of the basketball Thursday night? I'm not in any pools this year, so I'm enjoying just watching and pulling for upsets.

No more Duke: Awesome!

Great ending in the WVU-Texas game, though I was pulling for the Mountaineers.

Awesome win for UCLA. I know they were the higher seed, but I can't stand Gonzaga. Never have.

Blogger mike said...

I don't watch much after my bracket is out of it, and now with Gonzagas loss there is no hope left.

Baseball season starts in 2 weeks thats all that matters to me right now.

Blogger Sue For MN 2006 said...

As for getting back on topic...

Glad Doran's out. Just because someone has money doesn't mean they should run for a powerful political office.

Now Sue Jeffers... There's a woman with some bite. Her platform is strong for electibility in MN: she takes a little from both sides of the old parties.

As a former Republican and current Sue Jeffers supporter, I can say that I'm tired of the idealistic extremes of both the DFL and the GOP. I want someone who will actually follow through on their campaign promises.

Maybe Pawlenty should be scared too... seeing as a lot of his base is pissed off. Talk to any good Republican. Who is actually very happy with what he has(n't) accomplished?

And Hatch? Talk about a wanna-be. All Hatch wants is the limelight. That's how he's always been as AG. That's how he is running his race for governor.... but you'd think he'd get the hint after how many unsuccessful attempts?

Lourey and Kelley don't have the man-power or recognition to get it done.

I say watch out for Sue Jeffers. Come November, it will be interesting what the "straw polls" are looking like.


Blogger mike said...

It will be intresting to see if Sue is allowed on stage with the major party candidates in the debates.

Any big things planned for the campaign yet, besides going out there and giving it your all and hoping the voters at least relize you exist?

I voted Sue #2 in my IRV poll for Governor so I support what your doing.


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