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Thursday, April 06, 2006

It's over, we lost

The decade long battle against stadiums has been lost. This is truly a sad day for real fiscal conservatives, and a very telling day for those that thought the Republican Party cared about our dollars. Given the Overwhelming stadium support from the House we know the Governor is about to confirm he is a billion dollars worth of flipping and flopping, there is no doubt the Senate will vote for the Gophers, and given the ease with which this money was wasted, the Twins and Vikings will follow in the coming weeks with ease. But it's OK they will use this stadium more then 6 days a year, because some shmucks want to play soccer on the field it will have artificial turf and come in as the 11th best football stadium in the big ten. But hey the 70 year olds can spell the name of the state a few times on a few Saturdays, and some hung over students can play their soccer.


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