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Thursday, April 06, 2006

I don't get it

I heard Dick Day on KFAN today discuss the prospects of getting a Twins Vikings and Gopher stadium. I of course am against all 3 stadiums if they use any tax payer dollars (and by tax payer dollars I mean any dollar collected from a Minnesota citizen to our Government including fees, fines, sales tax, income tax...), but I can accept open honest opposing opinions.

The company line on the Twins stadium is 3 cents on 20 dollars, and while I see through that for what it actually is (a couple thundered million dollars) that’s a fair way of trying to rationalize this plan to the public, but if your going to talk about both the Twins plan and the Vikings plan, it is significantly less then honest to mention 3 cents on 20 dollars when it comes to the Twins, and then fail to mention the $20 ratio for the Vikings which is of course five times that amount.

Also it is less then honest to fail to mention that county commissions were not elected with the power to raise any taxes let alone hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes. It's great that those at the county level are satisfied with the proposals, but it isn't there call. Imagine for a second what would happen if your soil and water board went to St Paul to get even a $500,000 local tax raised. They don't have the power to do it, and they don't have the right to act like they have that power. I think there was some sort of war about 230 years ago regarding this issue.

Finally getting back to Dick Day I heard him say that this was a good proposal because those not living in the 2 counties would not be on the hook, yet they would receive the benefit. I'm sorry but if your Dick Day and you are to much of a coward to let the voters make the call on the issue, then you need to pass the tax burden on to all that would benefit including the citizens of Owatonna. If it's a good idea then why are the supporters such cowards?

The first step a leader needs to take when willing to spend a billion dollars of other peoples money is honesty. Dick Day and most stadium supporters are not honest therefor they should do one of three things, forget about spending our money, get real honest real quick, or get the hell out of politics.


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