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Friday, March 31, 2006

Who will vote Hutchinson?

There is this myth we keep hearing that Peter Hutchinson is a Democrat, or that his votes will only come from would be DFL voters. I believe the myth comes out of the failure by the DFL to defeat the Republican governor candidate since the Independence Party has been on the scene. The DFL is simply looking to blame anyone but themselves for there failures, we all do when our side loses elections.

Let me start with this I have voted for Jesse Ventura, Tim Penny, and intend to vote for Peter Hutchinson, even if there was not an IP candidate in the race I would never vote DFL. They just don't come close to representing me. I look at the fight that the DFL puts up against silly things like adults rights to shoot off a few fireworks at the lake on the forth of July, I look at the ease they cave to fund education further yet never seem to solve any education problems. I look at there inability to allow the free market to work. I look at the fact that even Paul Wellstone voted to ban gay marriage. No the only time I agree with the Democrats is when the Republicans get so far out of line that the Democrats can reach away from the extremes towards common sense.

People will vote Hutchinson not because they are confused Democrats to stupid to know what’s good for them, but because they can think for themselves. Peter Hutchinson represents a vision that most Minnesotans share. Third parties don't emerge because someone says hey lets see if I can mess this system up, they emerge because of a failure within the established parties. It has now been 8 years since Jesse Ventura's victory, the only adjustment the Democrats have made has been farther to the extremes. It's time to tell the truth the DFL will fail to win this fall because the DFL is unwilling to do what they need to succeed, not because of Peter Hutchinson.

Who will vote Peter Hutchinson? Minnesotans who still value the power of their vote.


Blogger Ian said...

I whole-heartedly agree. Well said.


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