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Friday, March 31, 2006

Early poll numbers

A March Zogby poll indicates Independence party candidate Hutchinson is polling anywhere from 6-8% depending on the DFL opponent. Of course they continue to report that it's Tim Hutchinson not Peter so it's hard to say how reliable we can consider them. Meanwhile Mike Hatch is the only DFL candidate that gives Pawlenty a run for his money.

Remember it's still March and Hutchinson's #'s really only represent the IP hardcore base at this point. Jesse Ventura's poll #'s didn't pick up beyond this level until after the State Fair, and Tim Penny wasn't in the race until the end of May. Expect the Hutchinson campaign to take off out of the June 24th Independence Party convention at Midway Stadium, as he has no endorsement competition and is focused on November. Overall nothing to worry about, nothing to get excited about.


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