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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Let the stadium games begin

Today the new Gopher stadium proposal is in committee, some of the highlights of the discussion so far:

A student in justifying this much of an investment on a stadium that would be used maybe six times a year for it's intended purpose thinks it would be pretty cool to play intramural soccer in the facility.

A bunch of 50 year olds remember how great it was going to the games back in the day. I got news for you when the current crop of students turn 50 they will remember there trips to the metrodome in the same way

Some folks had a good time on a road trip to Madison to see the Gophers play.

And the best part about it the state will get some useless land from a state funded entity.

I'm sorry but if your college experience depends on the football facility I don't really think you understand what the college experience actually is. Beyond that students had the option to go somewhere with a nicer football stadium. The governments role in helping fund college should end once the students have a bed to sleep in a place to eat and a place to learn.


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