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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Why vote DFL?

According to this piece at Backbone Minnesota you must always vote DFL if you find an alternitive candidates to be similar.

Forget the fact that a DFL candidate has not won the office of governor in the last 20 years. Forget the fact that Peter Hutchinson is on pace to raise an amount of money similar to Becky Lourey and Steve Kelley at least prior to either of them winning the DFL endorsement. Forget the fact that Peter Hutchinson has a track record of getting done what he says he intends to do. Forget that the DFL is made less then pure by special interest money. Forget the fact that candidates like Steve Kelley are ready to spend a billion dollars on sports stadiums. No just stick your head in the sand and vote DFL because there is no difference between Peter Hutchinson and whatever candidate the DFL comes up with.

If Peter Hutchinson is truly representing what the DFL has been preaching these last 20 years then the combined effort of the DFL and Hutchinson will not exceed that of Tim Pawlenty. Peter Hutchinson gives us hope of defeating Pawlenty only because he brings forward something different. In fact if the DFL happens to win it will only be because of Peter Hutchinson and Sue Jeffers drawing the fiscal conservatives votes away from Tim Pawlenty as they bring a true vision of protecting tax payer dollars by either reducing spending or increasing the outcome resulted from what we currently spend.


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