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Monday, March 27, 2006

Who will the IP CD 5 candidate be?

While clearly whoever wins the DFL primary has to be considered a strong favorite there is an alternative route to try to replace Martin Sabo. Actually there are three if you include the Green Party and Republican party, but only one alternative route to run with a major party and have a chance to defeat the Democrat. That route is to run with the Independence Party.

Since the Independence Party like all political parties plays to the district, there is little doubt the IP candidate will be liberal at least on the war and social issues. If we can find someone who is right of a Keith Ellison or Mike Erlandson on fiscal matters we may just have what we need in congress to lead us the next several years.

There is a great oppurtunity if several front running Democrats take the race to the primary. The IP candidate can run for November while they all battle for September in the DFL. This will allow for a potential early edge in fundraising, a focus on all voters in the district, and a real shot to defeat the DFL on Election day. One more highly respected competitive IP candidate this November is going to go a long ways toward supporting the entire IP ticket and convincing observers that we're here to stay.

Indications are such a candidate may very well be ready to step forward.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jim Moore?

Blogger mike said...

No, I think Jim has more important concearns for now.


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