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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Michele Bachmann has failed again

Not only has she failed to pass her #1 priority, but she also has failed to keep the line on spending, she has failed to slow the growth of minimum wage, and she may very well now fail to stop stadium bills from passing. I'm all for passion even if I oppose it, but with passion should come results.

While I couldn't disagree with Bachmann on the marriage issue more, it appears she had an opportunity to push her agenda forward had she conducted herself in a less divisive manor. If the voters of Stillwater or the 6th CD want a fiscally conservative socially conservative leader, they won't get one in Michele Bachmann. They'll get a lot of passion, they'll get someone who will take a hard swing at things, they'll get someone who comes with no BS, but they won't get a leader for their agenda. Michele Bachmann has failed in Minnesota and there’s no reason to believe she would fare better in Washington.


Blogger Christopher said...

I agree with one exception:

Michele Bachmann is full of BS.


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